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Every organisation has their leaders to led the company towards its mission and vision. Leaders are meant to introduce fresh ideas that help in building a strong organisational foundation. They manage the organisation’s heads and employees, directing both to a common goal.

But effective leadership is not that easy as it sounds. Leadership is a form of art where a leader needs to balance different aspects in proportionate. Its all about experience, practice, and consistency

This blog is from experienced leaders from Get Hire Technologies, Inc.. Explore how a leader can effectively juggle between priorities and people. It is all about overcoming your challenges as a leader and being an expert juggler.

The Act Of Juggling:

A juggler has balls in his hands. He keeps throwing and catching the balls at the same time perfectly without dropping. What’s the secret behind such a perfect job? It’s perfect timing and practise

A leader has aspects like financial targets, deadlines, strategic planning, and leading a team. All these responsibilities need to be fulfilled and that too at the same span of time.

Decoding the secrets

Time management

Divide your time into blocks and allocate particular tasks for different blocks. Try out a strategic time blocking method for 3 weeks and find out which one is suitable for you.

Each block should be dedicated to each task like- team meetings, strategic planning, planning goals for organisation, meeting deadlines, resolving conflicts, etc. This would surely increase productivity too.

Explore the strength of your team and team members

No one can be a leader without a team. Being a leader means to drive your team with their strengths. It is important to trust them and assign different responsibilities. Delegation of work can make your tasks easier and empower your team too.

Let’s look at founder of VIRGIN GROUP- Sir Richard Branson. He developed an organisational culture of innovation as well as satisfied employees. The higher retention of employees lead to the success of the company.

Prioritise works with flexibility

A leader must be flexible and adaptive. Keep an extra time block for works that are URGENT AND IMPORTANT. Focus on that part first and then on the rest ones. A quadrant for different tasks can be helpful.

For example, Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo. Showcase the best example of leadership juggling. She prioritised publics concern about product and also focused on strategic development too. Thus, the result she showed us was perfect example of a leader.

Be a problem solver

Creating problems is not a big deal, the skill lies in solving them. A skilled leader comes up with right solution for varied problems. Draw out the solutions with righteous communication with your team which indirectly created a healthy work environment too. You have to be open-minded and develop strong communication.


Bring everything together and showcase magical transformation in your organisation. In case you need to get skilled up as a leader, Get Hire Technologies, Inc. helps individuals to advance your career. In this ever changing job market, we are making individual get more productive and innovative with boosted confidence and performance.