5 Freakishly Ways to Prevent Murders in the Society


There can be any motive behind murders that are increasing day by day in society, which is not good for the development and success of one country. On a statistical note, according to the crime index rate, the global rate of murders was estimated as 6.1 per 100,000 population. 

Many reports have depicted that, on an estimation average of roughly 65000 murders occur every year. All these estimates should be lowered, and peace should be promoted. Here are a few ways that you should consider to reduce the murder rates in society to promote peace and growth. Continue to read the article to know more!

1. Strict Prohibition on Alcohol Consumption

One of the major reasons for the increasing rate of murders in society is the excessive use of alcohol, which strongly affects the senses of people. When people are out of their senses, they forget the manners of how to act and react to the things that are happening in their surroundings and are urged to commit crimes mostly, which happen mostly due to feelings aroused after drinking alcohol, changing the hormonal balance inside the body. 

Moreover, people commit the most brutal sin of divorce after drinking plenty of alcohol, caused by fights and misunderstandings between partners. It is better to implement such productive and effective policies that strictly restrict alcohol consumption.

2. Care Human Rights

When you don’t pay attention to the importance of human rights, you may cross the line of humanity and can easily commit the major crime of murder. Murders can be done when there are clashes in religion, caste, and rights; in that situation, the brain never works, and in auto mode, they do that murder offense by killing innocent lives. 

If you are suffering or witness to this brutal assassination, you can easily consult with a professional deportation defense lawyer dallas tx, preventing human rights and promoting humanity with all legal rights by fulfilling all legal formalities. Playing your role as an accountable citizen will ultimately reduce the rate of sinful crimes like murders.

3. Be Accountable to Private Information

Murders can also be increased by your own mistakes on little matters that you consider lame or useless to consider in your personal or professional life. Socializing is good, but only to some extent; if you speak all about your personal life and private information, you are giving direct invitations to the criminal.

If any private information belongs to you and can benefit anyone else after stealing, ensure you keep that information confidential. Identity theft can steal that information to get benefits out of it and, in return, can harm you and your property and may even lead to murder.

4. Stop Violation

Violence is the process that increases the chances of ultimate murder. Therefore, whenever you experience or witness any kind of violence with anyone, especially with women and children, it is your responsibility to try out some ways to stop that violation and never turn this violence into murder.